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Contributing Faculty, School of Human Services

Veronica Carey

Dr. Carey has since 1999 experience in behavioral health program planning and management, continuing education training, and policy development. As a frequent guest lecturer and workshop presenter, Dr. Carey has addressed evidence-based best practices in recovery-oriented services, treatment planning, behavioral health care system practices, program planning, and implementation of psychiatric rehabilitation services. Her articles on direct-care staff development in community-based treatment settings have been published in the "Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal" and "Psychiatric Services". Dr. Carey trains internationally having presented in Egypt, Italy; Karachi, Pakistan; and Singapore. Professional Society: Dr. Carey is the Co-Chair of the Academy for the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. She is a member of the PRA Certification Commission, the International Committee for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Inclusion, and is a consultant to Pennsylvania’s Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse.